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        Glimmer Tours is not your ordinary tourism company. Our unique approach of specializing in only a select number of itinerary options has provided us industry leading satisfaction ratings from our clients. By providing the same exact experience to every traveler in each group, we are able to control the quality of your whole experience. If you are in the market for custom itineraries and want to piece together a trip yourself, we may not be the right fit. But if you are looking for a stress free planning experience, high quality pilgrimages and a great price with everything included then you're at the right place!

        What type of hotels does Glimmer Tours use?

        We select quality 4-star hotels for our accommodations. You can view a list of commonly used hotels on our hotel accommodation resource page.

        Do you offer Land Only packages?

        For quality control purposes, we only offer Flight & Land packages. We do not provide Land Only options.

        Can I request a custom itinerary with Glimmer Tours?

        To maintain the quality of our tours, we do not customize itineraries for individual travelers. Everyone in the group follows the same standard itinerary.

        Which airports are included in your package?

        You can depart from over 100 US airports when joining a Glimmer Tours pilgrimage, and these are all included in our package price. For a comprehensive list of the airports you can choose from, please visit our website.

        Which airlines does Glimmer Tours work with?

        We partner with reputable airlines that are rated 3 stars or higher, ensuring a standard of quality and comfort for our travelers. This includes airlines such as Delta, Air Canada, Turkish, United, and others. For more detailed information, please visit our flight related resource here.

        Can I join if I am not Catholic?

        Yes of course! While our program is primarily geared towards the Catholic faithful, all are welcome to participate and to encounter the unique spiritual experience found on our pilgrimage. There is no obligation to attend Mass.

        Do you have tours in Spanish?

        At this time, Glimmer Tours only offers tours in English.

        Will there be a tour leader with us?

        Yes, all our tours are accompanied by a dedicated tour leader who ensures a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. Some of our itineraries feature the tour leader as your primary guide, while in others, we include local guides to provide specialized expertise in specific areas, enhancing the overall experience. This approach ensures that you receive expert guidance and support throughout your journey with us.

        How do I meet up with my tour group?

        Our groups consist of individuals from various US locations. You'll meet everyone in your tour group at breakfast on the first day of sightseeing.

        What are the options for solo travelers?

        Single Occupancy: You can pay an additional fee of $700 to guarantee a room to yourself.

        Roommate Matching: Let us match you with a same gender roommate for an additional fee of $200.

        For more details about our various rooming options, visit our resource here.

        Is Glimmer Tours licensed & insured?

        Yes, we are fully incorporated in California. We are also an active California Seller of Travel member (# 2142287-40) and have comprehensive Travel Agents and Tour Operators Professional Liability Insurance with Arch Insurance.

        How do I register and pay for the trip?

        Click on the green "Select" button on the tour page you are interested in. Then select the number of people you would like to book for. You will be able to see your payment plan, when each payment is due and how much each payment is. You may either register online or over the phone by calling us at 1 (800) 282-8407.

        If you are traveling in a group, we recommend registering each couple or solo traveler under a separate account with a different email address as to make it easier for you to track and make payments.

        Note: Prices are based on paying using our online eCheck / ACH option. If you'd like to use credit/debit cards then there is a 2.9% card surcharge (3.9% for AMEX).

        What happens after I complete my registration and pay my deposit?

        We will email a pilgrimage confirmation document to each individual traveler to sign electronically. This will outline all the terms of our tour and information you provided us during registration. To confirm your booking, please review and sign this document within 30 days of your registration date.