Article Summary

        Embarking on a journey with Glimmer Tours involves understanding the various aspects of your air travel. This guide provides essential information on our flight arrangements, helping you plan your trip with ease.

        Airports Included in Our Packages:

        Airlines We Partner With:

        • Glimmer Tours partners with reputable airlines, all rated 3 stars or higher.

        • Our partners include carriers like Delta, Air Canada, Air France, United, Lufthansa, and many others.

        • Occasionally, for short connections overseas, we may use lower class carriers when necessary.

        Flight Duration Expectations:

        • Flight times from the U.S. typically range between 12 to 24 hours.

        • Departures from larger, East Coast airports may have shorter flight times.

        • Flight durations can vary based on unique travel conditions.

        Travel Class:

        • We provide economy class tickets for all our travelers.

        • Business or first-class upgrades are not available in our packages.

        Itinerary and Layovers:

        • Depending on your departure airport and flight availability, expect 1 or 2 layovers.

        • In some cases, additional stops may be needed due to specific travel circumstances.

        Seat Assignment Policy:

        • Seat assignments are subject to airline policies and cannot be guaranteed by Glimmer Tours.

        • Once your flight is booked, contact the airline for seat selection; some airlines may charge a fee for this service.

        Baggage Allowance:

        • Your ticket includes one carry-on bag, one checked bag, and one personal item (like a purse or laptop bag).

        • The weight and size limits for both checked and carry-on baggage vary based on the airline. We recommend checking with your specific carrier for their exact baggage policies.

        We hope this guide helps you in planning your air travel with Glimmer Tours. Should you have further questions or need assistance, our team is here to help.