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      Room Types

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        When embarking on a pilgrimage, choosing the right accommodation is key to ensuring a comfortable journey. Here at Glimmer Tours, we offer a variety of room types to fit the needs of our travelers. It’s important to note that bed sizes and terminology in overseas accommodations often differ from American standards. This guide uses regional terms and descriptions, which may not correspond in size and style to what you are accustomed to in the USA.

        Room Types for Group Travelers

        Double Rooms:

        Double rooms are equipped with one double bed. This option is ideal for couples or companions looking to share a bed. It’s important to note that in many overseas accommodations, it is common for double rooms to consist of two twin beds pushed together.

        Twin Rooms:

        Twin rooms are equipped with two separate twin beds. This option is ideal for friends, relatives or couples who prefer their own sleeping space.

        Triple Rooms:

        Triple rooms are equipped to accommodate three guests. While some hotels will accommodate three separate twin beds, others will accommodate two twin beds and a fold up or sofa bed. It’s important to note that selecting a triple room option does not provide additional savings relative to a double or twin room.

        Room Types for Solo Travelers

        Single Rooms:

        Single rooms are designed for solo travelers who prefer privacy. They typically feature a single bed and are for one person. While offering the comfort of solitude, it's important to note that choosing a single room incurs an additional cost of $700, reflecting the privacy and individual space it provides.

        Roommate Matching:

        For solo travelers looking to reduce costs, Glimmer Tours can match you with a same gender roommate in a twin room for an additional cost of $200. It's an excellent way to meet fellow pilgrims and make your journey more communal. It's important to note that while we offer a roommate matching service, Glimmer Tours is not liable for the selection or behavior of the roommate. Our pairing is based solely on gender and availability, without guaranteeing personal compatibility.

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